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How SHOP.COM Data Integration Works?


Each data integration component is set up to transfer different levels of information. All components listed below are required:

1. Product Data Integration (PDI).  The merchant partner outputs their product data file, and places it on a dedicated FTP site (each merchant partner has a unique password protected account). Once the product file has been dropped off it will be uploaded to our Merchant.SHOP.COM site where product data can be reviewed at the merchant store prior to going live. (Product files are automatically uploaded when finishing downloading to the FTP site. Product files can be uploaded multiple times a day to control product inventory.) Once a store has been turned to "Live Mode" then the product data is replicated to our live site, www.SHOP.COM. Once live, consumers can purchase products on SHOPCOM.

2. Order Processing Integration (OPI).  Next, SHOPCOM will compile the orders for the merchant partner and then deliver them by way of email, FTP uploads, HTTPS posts, or for viewing through the Web Order Manager. This component of integration delivers the information to a specified location where the merchant partner has an entry method into their existing order processing system.

3. Order Status Integration (OSI).  The merchant partner passes order status information back to SHOPCOM to be integrated into the customer's shopping account, giving the customer (and SHOPCOM customer service representatives) access to their order information.

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